What We can Help with

  1. Medication Assistance – we can order, collect and administer your medication. Our staff is fully trained to do this for you.
  2. Personal Care – we can help you with all your personal care needs, make sure you are supported as much as possible and also, we here to not take your independency away, we here to make sure you will stay as much independent as possible.
  3. Companionship – do you need someone to go with you for a walk? Or sit and chat with cuppa in your hand? Our friendly carers will be more than happy to do that for you.
  4. Home Help – are you struggling with hoover? Is too heavy for you? It is not a problem for us to give you a hand. We can help you with keeping your house clean so you still can be proud of it.
  5. Shopping help – shall we go shopping? Don’t forget to take your shopping list and bag and off we go.
  6. Dementia – do you or your family member suffering with dementia? Are you concern how they can manage on their own, but it is still not time to go to the care home? Our fully trained carers will support you and your family with day-by-day tasks, helping to stay independent in own home and most important SAFE.
  7. Elderly Care – we can look after your parents when you are not there. We do understand with busy life it is not always possible to help your love once all the time. We here for you and your family, to support elderly with day-by-day tasks, making sure they always have a hot drink and tasty meal.
  8. High Dependency Care (two carers attending) – if you not feel that is the time for a care home yet, but you can’t manage on your own to support your loved ones that’s not a problem. Contact Daisy Home Care and our lovely carers will take care of everything. Our carers has completed manual and handling courses to support also those with higher needs.
  9. Hospital Discharge – we are helping people who has been discharged from hospital and they are not 100% yet, they need support or even just checking on them to make sure everything is fine. Give us a call and we will do our best to choose the best time slots for you as soon as you need us.
  10. Palliative Care – this is the worse part of our journey which called life and we do understand you don’t want for your parents/grandparents to spend it in hospital or care home, you want them close. We are here for you, to support you the best we can and support your loved ones